MonDaks Safety Network

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting

October 13, 2016

Venue:  Badlands Boulder Ridge Community Center, Watford City, ND

Donated by:    Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc.

October sponsor:    Ringers Gloves

Justin Alps:    Opening greeting and announcements. Safety Briefing and Safety Moment.

As activity in the oilfield increases and the demand for new hires increases, make sure you hire qualified people that are properly trained to stay safe.

Justin shared a safety moment where a rollover occurred in his company, the driver had just returned from days off and was on night-duty, fatigue management training is critical for all drivers.


    Doug Bohl Ringers Gloves

    Mike Cicchetto and Doug Thompson  DNA Technologies

    John Young  OSHA Region VIII

Doug Bohl is the US Category Business Manager for Ringers Gloves and comes from Bismarck. Doug spoke on ‘Hand Safety’ and showed a video. He said gloves do not keep people from doing stupid things but do protect you when things happen. Per OSHA, hand injuries are most prevalent of all injuries. Gloves are rated ANSI or CE approved with ANSI being American and CE being European Standard which is 3rd party tested.

Gloves have 3 categories:
Category I is simple design, such as a mechanic glove, cut level 1;
Category II is intermediate, a mechanic glove with impact protection, cut level 2;  
Category III is complex design with a cut level of 3.

Check the label to see if it says TPR which mean ThermoPlastic Resin which protects the tips of the fingers. High-visibility gloves ensures they are seen by yourself and others.  

Doug does on site hazard assessments followed by a pilot program to see what gloves would be suitable for you to test, he has 90 different gloves, some are designed for weather -40 degrees. Gloves can be cooler with mesh to let air move through. Gloves can be water proof. Gloves are the last line of defense between hands and injury.

Mike Cicchetto and Doug Thompson are co-founders of DNA Technologies, a digital soft wear that replaces paper forms. With the use of a Samsung tablet, you can create forms like JSA’s, LOTO, DVIR, hot work, confined space, incident reports, time cards, investigation reports, inspections on the site and made available to the office within seconds. It is user-friendly, you can fill out forms in real time, use digital signature, GPS and bar codes.

Forms are customizable for your use, update forms with 1 click from the portal. Special features are auto day/date, self-lock, drop down menus for job sites and/or employee info. Can use voice to dictate into a microphone or text, take pictures.

This soft wear is built to be PCI compliant. Works best with the 8” or 10” Samsung tablet.

John Young – OSHA will require new reporting as of July 1, 2017 of certain incidents and injuries.  This reporting is designed to perfect OSHA 300 reports with less chance of errors or omissions.