MonDaks Safety Network

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting

November 10, 2016

Venue: Badlands Boulder Ridge Community Center, Watford City, ND

Donated by:    Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc.

November sponsor:    Halliburton


    Kathleen Spilman – Managing Director of KEITU Engineers

    Karolin Jappe  McKenzie County Emergency Response Manager

Kathleen Spilman is regional coordinator for TRANSCAER, a voluntary national outreach effort that helps training efforts for people that respond to a hazardous materials transportation incident. 

TRANSCAER sponsors area events to train fireman for hazardous events such as ND Crude Oil Incident Response Training at which BNSF sponsors 300 spots for this type of training.

CHEMTREC is a resource for obtaining critical response information for incidents involving hazardous materials and dangerous goods. It is linked to the largest network of chemical and hazardous material experts in the world. ERG is an emergency response guide for different chemicals and describes what chemical placard numbers stand for that you see on tanker trucks. 

ERG2012 guide 128 is on crude oil. The National Response Center number to call to report spills is 800-424-9300.

Karolin Jappe spoke on situational awareness and security by encouraging all people to stay alert and report anything suspicious they see that could be out of the ordinary.

If you see something, say something. Call 911 and report suspicious behavior.

Karolin would like to raise money to have a speaker come to North Dakota to address this topic. Any company that is interested should call Karolin, she is looking for $500 from enough companies to cover the cost to have Rich Gasaway present. Rich has served 33 years on the front lines as a firefighter, EMT-Paramedic and fire chief and has earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree by studying how individual, teams and organizations develop and maintain situation awareness and make decisions in high-stress, high consequence, time–compressed environments.

Karolin Jappe - McKenzie County Emergency Response Manager
    Phone:  701-580-6936