MonDaks Safety Network

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting

May 12, 2016

Venue: Badlands Boulder Ridge Community Center, Watford City, ND

Donated by:    Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc.

May sponsor:    Select Energy Services

Eric Genet:    Opening greeting and announcements.

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Justin Alps:    Safety Briefing and Safety Moment.

Discussed driving tired, a 21 year old man was recently killed when he fell asleep at the wheel and crossed into the other lane of traffic. He was well-known in the area.


  • We are looking for members to volunteer for the following committees:
    • Waste Management;
    • Transportation;
    • Frac;
    • Community Involvement.
  • Neutral Grounds committee meets May 18, RSVP by May 16.
  • Step Up for Safety has been extended until May 31. You can participate in the Step Up for Safety by going to You can also watch the video and load your roster onto the OSHA website. OSHA Construction Stand Down is scheduled for June.
  • Williston API golf scramble is scheduled for July 16-17 at the Eagle Ridge Golf Course and the Links of ND. Proceeds go to aid the Wounded Warrior project.
  • Dickinson API meeting is the 4th Tuesday of every month, previously held at the Elks but may change venue, please check first.
  • Williston Area Safety Association (WASA) meets first Thursday of the month at El Rancho Williston Brewery. Harlan Olson with WSI has details.
  • Southwestern Area Safety Association (SASA) meets on the second Friday of each month. SASA is committed to a safe work environment and safer community.

    Deputies Carlson and Sitting Bear

    Andy Speidel - MSA Safety

Deputies Carlson and Sitting Bear
They spoke on McKenzie County road-side inspections and what to expect. They demonstrated weighing a tractor/belly-dump combination that Justin Alps brought to the meeting by using portable scales under each axle.

The overweight fees that are assessed go to repair local roads.

Roads not posted are restricted to 105,500#. Weight allowed per axle can be computed by multiplying 550# times the tire width inches times the number of tires on each axle.

The officers reminded drivers to stay in their vehicle when being approached by an officer during a road side stop and to keep valuable info in their wallets such as contact info for next of kin. All insurance papers, licensing and annual inspection papers should be conveniently available for the officers.

Andy Speidel spoke on fall protection and demonstrated different types of harnesses that can be used in different situations. He demonstrated a fall without the proper harness and compared it to another fall with the proper harness and how the proper harness can protect the worker from injuries and/or death. He also demonstrated how to inspect a harness for wear and when to replace a harness.

Video - MSA Fall Protection Demonstration - Andy Speidel