MonDaks Safety Network

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting

March 10, 2016

Venue:  Badlands Boulder Ridge Community Center, Watford City, ND
Donated by:    Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc.

March sponsor:    Mann Energy Services, LLC

Ted Garling:    Opening greetings, announcements and introduction of attendees.

Open floor for Safety Moments by attendees. Invite to share information on safety topics on, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Justin Alps:
    • Overview of Neutral Grounds meeting held in February at Conoco Phillips in Watford City. 12 Operators and 6 Agencies attended. Next meeting is May 18 with location to be determined at a later date.
    • Step Up For Safety extended until April 15, register all attendees that attend your Step Up meeting, go to and sign up for email notices. StandDown for OSHA will be in May.
    • Recent community event was the API Gumbo Cook-Off in Dickinson.

    Harlan Olson - WSI

    James Neether - McKenzie Electric

James Neether spoke on electrical awareness with these 3 steps:
    • Identify hazards such as damaged transformers and down power lines;
    • Mitigate hazards such as calling 811 before you dig;
    • Eliminate hazards such as using a spotter to back up around power lines.

Damaged transformers should be reported to the office:
    • During business hours please call 701-444-9288;
    • After hours please call 1-800-584-9239. 

»    Always call 811 before you dig.
»    Always stay 20 feet from power lines.
»    Address area power lines on JSA’s.
»    Make sure equipment is grounded before use.
»    Put barrier tape around open trenches and make sure trenches are properly benched back.
»    Call electrical crews to measure overhead lines for proper clearance of high loads.
»    Stay away from fallen power lines.
»    Lines touching trees can energize the trees, call power company to assist with removal of trees. 

Harlan Olson spoke on programs employers can sign up for to earn premium discounts up to 25%.

10% discount for Safety Management Plan – the following steps need to be followed:
    • Annual safety training – can be training such as incident investigation and root cause analysis training, or by attending NDSC convention, or have a guest speaker at your safety meeting such as Harlan Olson;
    • General safety rules;
    • Task specific policy;
    • Safety orientation program;
    • Safety meetings;
    • Hazard recognition programs;
    • Recording of ‘safety concerns’ in lieu of ‘incident reports’.

Safety Action Menu can earn employers 5% each for any 3 of the following:
    • Safety Committee Program;
    • Certified Safety Management Program;
    • Safe Driver Program;
    • Drug Free Workplace Program;
    • Safe Lift Program;
    • Learning Management Program;
    • Safety Orientation;
    • Return to Work and Designated Medical Provider.

Check Workforce Safety and Insurance website for details. The WSI website offers an extensive Video Research Library of over 600 videos that can be checked out 2 at a time for a 2 week period. For free OSHA 10 online training, call Jane Wicks at 701-328-7227. There is a STEP program that offers grants. For details please call Randy Wegge at 701-328-6006.

The website also has trend analysis reports on loss control.
The average cost of a claim is $1,600.00.
The average cost of a lost-time claim is $99,982.00.

Dickinson Area WSI Representative:    Kent Mortenson
Phone:    701-227-3130