MonDaks Safety Network

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting

October 12, 2017

Venue: MSU Extension Richland County, Sidney, MT

Donated by: MSU Extension Richland County

October sponsor: BOS Solutions


 Rich Simmons - Fort Berthold Services

    Roy Boesflug - OSHA – Billings Area Office

    Art Hazen - OSHA – Billings Area Office

Rich Simmons presented information about the transportation industry and how it’s the “life blood” of the Bakken Oil Field.

In 2014 there were 100,000 trucks on the road in the Bakken.

With growth there are many challenges in the transportation industry. 

Challenges include:

  • Employee turnover
  • Agricultural areas are now heavy transit areas
  • Heavy traffic takes a toll on the roads

MTCC can be a guiding force when it comes to dealing with growth. They bring knowledge and resources to the table.

A Power Point from NIOSH was presented and includes the following information related to the trucking and transportation industry:

  • 41% of fatalities in the oil and gas industry occur in trucking and transportation;
  • Between 2003-2014 there were 1331 fatalities;
  • There was a gradual upward trend in traffic fatalities from 2003-2014.

Types of Fatalities:
  • Jackknife/Overturn;
  • Too fast for conditions;
  • Fatigue;
  • Distracted Driving - if you are not 100% focused you are distracted.

JSA’s and Tailgates are appropriate for employees to complete prior to driving.

Types of vehicles involved:

  • 49% pickups
  • 34% semi/tractor trailer
  • 17% other

- Seat Belts are key in reducing fatalities

- Properly training employees reduces fatalities

- Smaller companies do not monitor drivers like larger companies due to cost

- Lack of education regarding regulation

- Industry needs to address driver fatigue. Cognition decreases with lack of sleep

- 15-20 percent of crashes involve fatigue

Fatigue and the transportation industry:

  • Employees need 7-9 hours of sleep;
  • Sleep disorders affect 70 million people in the US;
  • We need to be using SWA to prevent fatigued driving.



Signing of OSHA Montana Alliance

Art Hazen and Roy Boesflug spoke about the signing of an alliance for North Dakota and Montana OSHA.

  • Montana OSHA is committed to working with North Dakota to ensure safety is the priority;
  • Montana OSHA will assist when we come to work in Montana;
  • OSHA is a resource. They are here to assist.

Montana/North Dakota OSHA Alliance was then signed