MonDaks Safety Network

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting

November 9, 2017

Venue: TrainND Northwest, Williston, ND

Donated by: TrainND Northwest

November sponsor: Panther Pressure Testing

10:00am – Introductions

10:05am – Pipeline Safety Presentation


   Luke Steinmetz - Loenbro Technical Institute

    Travis Havenef - Loenbro Technical Institute

Pipeline Safety Leadership Training

Training program developed by CAT Pipeline Machinery

  • Program consists of 5 modules: Leading a Safety culture, Safety Accountability, Effective Communication, Risk Tolerance, and Hazard Recognition
  • Program mission is to create an industry benchmark; program can then be tailored to meet the specific needs of a company

Luke Steinmetz and Travis Havenef presented CAT’s Safety Culture module. Their presentation prompted discussion on:
  • Definition of a safety culture
  • Impacts of a strong or weak safety culture
  • Top-down management approach to encourage a strong safety culture
  • Impacts of daily decisions from managers and front-line employees to reinforce safety culture
  • Importance of quality control and contractor management 
  • Decreasing the potential gap between contractor performance and company expectations/standards
  • Initial investment in a quality safety program saves money long-term
  • Downturn in industry activity has allowed companies to refocus on strengthening their safety and contractor management programs 

11:10am – Meeting adjournment 

Operator Qualifications Roundtable Discussion

After the MonDak Steps meeting, TrainND hosted a roundtable to gauge interest/need for an Operator Qualification for Pipeline Safety Training Program.

The next MonDaks Safety Network meeting is Dec 14, 2017.