MonDaks Safety Network

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting

January 12, 2017

Venue: Badlands Boulder Ridge Community Center, Watford City, ND

Donated by: Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc.

January sponsor: MonDaks Safety Network

Eric Genet: Opening greeting and announcements.

President Eric Genet started the meeting by welcoming everyone and instructing all to sign the roster which will be available at all upcoming meetings.

Eric revisited 2016 and the safety topics and speakers that addressed our group throughout the year. All the safety topics were well received and the new MonDaks Safety Networks is off and running with enthusiastic support from energy and service groups throughout the oilfield. A new website with a new logo was created, complete with membership application, board bios, hazard alerts and daily oil price information.

MonDaks Safety Network received national attention during the Bakken Hydraulic Fracturing Tour in late August when the UK visited our area to study our practices in Western North Dakota.
The MonDaks Transportation and Transmission Committee was created and held their first meeting in September 2016.

2017 Board Election

Election for new Vice-President was next on the Agenda.

James Smith, Conoco Phillips, was nominated and unanimously voted in as our new Vice-President.
Members-at-large were appointed by the President and following the meeting were voted in by the board. These new members are Chris Fenstermaker and Lee Wistrom. Andy ReevesTara Swegarden and Frank Richard were not present and will be presented to the board at a later meeting.

Dustin Austin remains Past President.

MonDaks By-Laws were changed to restrict consecutive terms to 2 terms instead of 3, to have president and vice-president serve concurrently and have the  secretary serve 2 years alternative to president and vice-president terms. This would insure that that there would continue to be a continuity of expertise and familiarity of operations. The president chairs the election, committee will meet 90 days prior to end of the year to nominate and accept applications for new office and committee members. Any business during the year will be done at bi-monthly meetings of the committee and any new By-Laws must meet with a majority vote to be made activate. MonDaks’ plans for the future is to meet with neutral grounds officials such as OSHA to sign a 5-year alliance. This meeting tentatively will be at the upcoming NDSC convention in Bismarck in February.

Our goals for 2017 are to focus on one safety topic per month to keep us in compliance with National Steps and therefore provide a different safety topic than other regions and be able to share this information.