MonDaks Safety Network

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting

February 9, 2017

Venue: Badlands Boulder Ridge Community Center, Watford City, ND

Donated by: Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc.

February sponsor:  Badlands Power Fuels/Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Eric Genet:    Opening greeting and announcements.

President Eric Genet started the meeting by welcoming everyone and instructing all to sign the roster which will be available at all upcoming meetings.

Eric reminded members that the bi-annual signing of the MonDaks Safety/OSHA Alliance will take place at the North Dakota Safety Council convention in Bismarck.

Eric continued with the issue of hazardous atmospheres and what MonDaks Safety can do to be supportive and instrumental in the awareness of this trending issue. 


    Tone Macia - Oasis Midstream

    John Young - OSHA Area III, Bismarck Area Office

Tone Macia provided an overview of Oasis Midstream operations. He stressed that they had a responsibility to all stakeholders to operate safely.


John Young highlighted OSHA issues with SIR (serious injury research) data based on NAICS codes which prevent them from narrowing down on the various upstream oil & gas production, drilling and servicing crafts.

John presented on enforcement of industry standards under general duty clause by OSHA. Many of the upstream hazards are not addressed by OSHA thus resulting in a 5a (1) citation.

John continued by reviewing 10 OSHA citations for operators, service companies and drilling operations.