MonDaks Safety Network

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting

December 14, 2017

Venue: TrainND Northwest, Williston, ND

Donated by: TrainND Northwest

December sponsor: Panther Pressure Testing

10:00am – Introductions
10:05am – MonDaks Safety Network Board Elections

Voting results:

  • President: Eric Genet
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Tara Swegarden 

Member-at-Large board position now available 

10:10am – Network Housekeeping

  • Will focus on moving committees forward during first quarter
  • Special focus on Transportation/Transmission committee (pipeline safety alliance)
  • Would like to better utilize the Facebook page and website to organize and promote the network 

10:20am – MonDaks-OSHA Alliance

Roy Boesflug, CAS, OSHA Region VIII, Billings Area Office, presented quarterly OSHA updates and alliance goals:

    • Goal: Share information on OSHA’s National/Regional/Local Emphasis Programs, Regulatory Agenda, safety and health laws, and standards, including the rights and responsibilities of workers, and opportunities to participate in the rulemaking process. 
    • Goal: Collaborate to develop training and education programs for oil and gas exploration and production companies and workers regarding safety and health programs and to provide expertise in communicating such information.
    • Goal: Promote and encourage the participation of employees, managers, and supervisors in MONDAKS Safety Network committees and programs to enhance communication; assist with identification of training and education needs; develop and coordinate applicable training; and share relevant safety information. 
    • Goal: Network with oil and gas operators to generate more current information/process to update OSHA’s website. Maximize resources and alliances to respond to uptick in oil and gas industry activity.

OSHA recently released a “Multi-Gas Monitors for Oil and Gas Industry” Hazard Alert

10:45am – Effective Training Story
Ron Gordy, HSE Consultant, Oasis Petroleum, presented a personal story about how effective training saved his life.

    • Through decades of working in emergency services and, more recently, in oil and gas safety, Ron learned to take his safety training home to his family to practice and implement (i.e. “running through “what if” scenarios, fire drills, evacuations, first aid). His story goes on to describe a hiking accident that severely injured his leg and sent his body into shock. Because of his family’s medical training and emergency preparedness, they had the necessary tools and medical equipment to stabilize him until emergency services arrived via helicopter. Ron also described a second instance where his life was saved by CPR; while he had trained thousands of people in CPR and thought he would only use it to save others, he never imagined it would be used on him one day.
    • Take-aways: As safety leaders, you help build the company’s safety culture. Living it yourself generates more buy-in and greater impact. Learn standards/policies – by improving your knowledge and behavior, you can drive change. Develop relationship with employees to determine their motivators and show you care about their well-being. 

11:15am – Other Matters

Eric Genet shared a story he’d heard at the OSHA Oil and Gas Conference. A burn victim (and his daughter) described his accident and the aftermath “all because he didn’t want to spend three minutes on an air-monitor test that would’ve avoided the whole catastrophe.” 

A workover rig employee shared his personal injury story that resulted in partial paralysis of his arm; the injury affects his daily life in numerous ways, including his ability to care for his newborn. He said his accident was also the result of being in a hurry.

The NDSC training center in Bismarck now offers Rescue I-Plus (50-hour confined space and high angle rope rescue) and suspended worker rescue (20-hour) courses. The TrainND training center in Williston also offers some great hands-on courses.

11:30am – Meeting adjournment 

Thank you to Secure Energy Services for sponsoring December’s meeting!