MonDaks Safety Network

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting

August 10, 2017

Venue: Badlands Boulder Ridge Community Center, Watford City, ND

Donated by: Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc.

August sponsor: JMAC Resources


Chris Cloud - McKenzie County Sheriff's Department

Chris Cloud presented information on the principles of ALICE training (Active Shooter).

Prior to the ALICE concept the US Department of Homeland Security has used other training to help prepare those who are involved in an active shooter situation.

 These include:

  • Lock Down 
  • Run, Hide, Fight.

expands on Run, Hide, Fight.

- Alert
L - Lock Down
- Inform
C - Counter
- Evacuate

  • ALICE Training increases people’s chance for survival during a violent intruder event and goes beyond lockdown methods by providing individuals with a new set of skills that greatly increases their odds of survival during an active shooter situation.
  • Chris also discussed several active shooter situations and discussed how ALICE training may have been beneficial in such instances.  If you do something to disrupt the shooter you can decrease the number of injuries or fatalities.
  • When there is an active shooter situation physical force works to stop the act.  86% of the time it takes physical force to end this type of situation.
  • Chris discussed awareness and how to look for signs that a person may be depressed or at higher risk for committing a violent act.  He reminded people to do something if they see the warning signs.
  • ALICE Training is currently taking place in several area schools.
  • Action beats reaction.