MonDaks Safety Network

We bring it all together for safety!

Our History

The MonDaks Safety Network is an all-volunteer organization founded in 2012 by the National STEPS Network and the Oil and Gas Industry in an attempt to reduce injuries and fatalities in the Williston Basin. Since then, the MonDaks Safety Network has continued to grow with a current email roster of over 381 members.

In February of 2015, MonDaks Safety Network signed its first formal alliance with OSHA and the State of North Dakota. The Network's goal is to serve the Williston Basin and to share our philosophy regionally, nationally and internationally.

Vision Statement
"Incident-Free Operations"

The MonDaks Safety Network promotes safety, health and environmental improvement in the exploration and production of oil and gas in the Williston Basin. The Network fosters a work environment that relies upon open communication and trust.

The MonDaks Safety Network includes Operators, Contractors and Vendors in the Oil and Gas Service, Transmission, Exploration and Production Industry as equally valued members. The Network encompasses the Williston Basin in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Resources Required
Members, representing their respective companies and organizations, participate in meetings, contributing knowledge, information and support.

The National STEPS Network

MonDaks Safety Network is a Member Chapter of the National Service, Transmission, Exploration & Production Safety (STEPS) Network.